The Station 1 Blog #2: In Studio with Lily

Hey everybody!  Thom here, just checking in.  Last week was a long one at Station 1, our newest artist, Lily DeTaeye was on Spring Break, which means we had to get in the studio while we had the chance.  Now, if you’ve never been in the studio before, everyone does it a little differently, and the bulk of my experience has been on the auxiliary performer side, rather than the administration/staff side of things.  So I’m used to walking in, tuning my guitar, dropping riffs for a couple of hours, taking my check and going home.  Yeah, not so much this time.

Over the course of six days we logged over 60 hours of recording and meeting time with Logan Christian of Midday Studios here in Des Moines.  Distilled down, that’s 60 hours of recording time for four tracks, which total approximately 14 minutes of final music performance.  60 hours –> 14 minutes.  Wow.  I’ve never been so impressed with a crew in my life!  We brought in the ever talented Dustin Smith on drums, the brilliant Jon Locker on bass, these musical geniuses were kind enough to let me sit in on guitar for a few tunes, and Lily played . . . well, pretty much everything at one point or another- piano, guitar, harmonica, and she managed to sing for more than five hours for three straight days without breaking a sweat (or her voice).

It was a great and humbling experience, realizing that a single concept, a single song, a single album, is really the culmination of many voices and ideas working together to create something that really captures what the artist has in their head, not such an easy task.

Alright all, that’s it for now, time to get back to editing, booking, managing, and general shenanigans.


Director of Operations