I’ve got an issue with my mail order (missing, broken, etc)

Please contact info@station1records.com

Where do I send my artist submissions?

Please help save the environment and do not submit physical product and/or mail us paper.  We equally dislike mp3’s and attachments.  Please send us an email at info@station1records.com with links to websites and/or audio and video streams.  Our selection committee will review your submission and make recommendations to the label staff.

Though we would love to help every artist with their releases, we are a very small label and can only release 3-4 records per year AT MOST.  Therefore, our submission process is highly selective.  That said, we do listen to all submissions.  We will try our best to provide critical feedback to those that request it, but unfortunately we cannot promise to respond to every submission.

How do I get promotional copies of new releases for my blog/magazine/school paper/etc?

Thanks for wanting to spread the word about Station 1 and it’s artists!  Please send an email to press@station1records.com with information regarding your organization.  Someone in our promo department will get back to you as soon as possible.  Again, please do not send us physical packages, attachments or paper.  We prefer emails with links!

Does Station 1 have an internship program?

Yes, we do!  We prioritize students from our partner school, Drake University, but any student and/or person can volunteer.  Please send us an email to intern@station1records.com and we reach out to you with further instruction.

Is Station 1 hiring?

No. We’d love to expand our staff, but we are a small operation.  The best way to get your foot in the door at Station 1 is by interning or becoming a volunteer.

I’m having problems placing my order, making my donation, or otherwise trying to give Station 1 money.  Who should I contact?

Please contact info@station1records.com

I want to use Station 1 music in my film, video, television program, advertisement, website, etc.  How do I do that?

Please contact tobi.parks@station1records.com

I’ve got a show on a radio station and I want to play Station 1 music. Who do I contact?

If you’re a non-comm and/or college station, please send us your most recent playlist to thom.kutz@station1records.com . Also include a cover note stating what Station1 artists you are particularly interested in. NOTE:  Our policy is one CD per radio station, and those generally are sent to the music department.  Please check with your MD or PD before contacting us to be added to our distribution list.