Motide is a two-piece electronic, experimental, jazz-oriented performance group inspired by organic instruments and forward thinking pop, hip hop and jazz.  Coming together in 2016, Gabe Scheid and Jeremy Franklin push the boundaries of music, art, technology, and their environment to create soundscapes that are meditative and transcendent.

GABE:  I am a student of jazz.  Through studying the craft and traveling the world in performance, I’ve honed my understanding of why I love music and become much more sensitive to both raw emotion and subtleties found in art. Influenced by jazz legends, electronic, alternative, and experimental musics like Boards, of Canada, the Doors, Jaga Jazzist, the Mars Volta, Bonobo, Radiohead and Donny McCaslin, I’ve attempted coalesce my influences into a sound that is distinctly me.

JEREMY: I’m a musician, technologist, engineer, producer, and a generalist. I’m passionate about the emerging world of music technology, about creating a digital sound that resonates in organic ways. How does one create an ergonomic, digital sound? Musicians and social experimentalists like Bonobo, FKJ, PhuturePrimitive, and The Polish Ambassador, have been experimenting with digital aural ergonomics for many years and have developed an astounding cornerstone to work and improve upon. 


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