The Label

Station 1 Records is a non-profit, full-service artist development organization that manages, promotes and distributes artists and musicians from Des Moines and Greater Iowa on the national and international stage.


We are an experiment in a new kind record company model – one that emphasizes patronage over profits. Incubated as a partnership between the Des Moines Social Club and Drake University and now it’s own 501(c)3 organization, Station 1 Records’ mission is to support local talent, grow our creative industries, and build a platform to showcase the incredible talent this city has to offer on a national level. We are committed to working on our own – and in collaboration with other organizations – to support local artists and creatives on the national stage while making the city attractive to talent elsewhere. Building a solid arts infrastructure that is recognized on a national level that attracts and retains talent is vital to making Des Moines the destination ahead and never the city left behind.